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ZHENG Jingyun, LIU Yang, HAO Zhixin, GE Quansheng. State-of-art and perspective on global synthesis studies of climate change for the past 2000 years[J]. Quaternary Sciences, 2021, 41(2): 309-322. doi: 10.11928/j.issn.1001-7410.2021.02.01
Citation: ZHENG Jingyun, LIU Yang, HAO Zhixin, GE Quansheng. State-of-art and perspective on global synthesis studies of climate change for the past 2000 years[J]. Quaternary Sciences, 2021, 41(2): 309-322. doi: 10.11928/j.issn.1001-7410.2021.02.01

State-of-art and perspective on global synthesis studies of climate change for the past 2000 years

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  • The past 2000 years is a highlighted interval of the PAGES(Past Global Changes) project and PAGES initiates the 2k Network(PAGES2k) to coordinate and integrate studies over the world. This paper summarizes the recent advances, prospects and challenges about temperature and hydroclimate changes during the past 2000 years based on literatures related with PAGES2k. The results are as follows: (1) Although pronounced difference is shown for the amplitude of temperature changes over the past two millennia among the reconstructions of global mean surface temperature(GMST) produced by the different methods, all reconstructions show that the GMST during first millennium of the Common Era was warmer than that during the second millennium(except for the 20th century). All reconstructions show a significant cooling trend before 1850 A.D., followed by rapid industrial-era warming. The warmest 10-year, 30-year and 50-year period of the past two millennia falls within the second half of the twentieth century. (2) The synthesis reconstruction for global hydroclimate is still at the initial stage. Although the proxy data for global hydroclimatic reconstructions over the Common Era was compiled and the first gridded hydroclimate dataset covering the global land area was presented, there existed uncertainties in the results mainly due to the lack of long-term and spatially resolved proxies. (3) The tree ring with annual resolution is a major proxy for current reconstructions, while other proxies with lower resolution are not well fused in the global synthesis so far. Based on the data stewardship, PAGES2k will synthesize the proxies derived from land, oceans and societies for further studies focused on the themes of proxy and model understanding, methods and uncertainties, and climate variability, modes and mechanisms. The major challenges include the interpretation of spatiotemporal difference for the significance of climate proxies, dating and cross-validation of multiple proxies, proxy data mining, and methods for proxy data assemble, calibration and assimilation.

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