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LI Dongxue, LIU Nannan, YANG Shengli, LIU Weiming, CHENG Ting, LIU Li, LUO Yuanlong. Application of quartz OSL standardized growth curve for De determination in loess on the eastern Tibetan Plateau[J]. Quaternary Sciences, 2021, 41(1): 111-122. doi: 10.11928/j.issn.1001-7410.2021.01.10
Citation: LI Dongxue, LIU Nannan, YANG Shengli, LIU Weiming, CHENG Ting, LIU Li, LUO Yuanlong. Application of quartz OSL standardized growth curve for De determination in loess on the eastern Tibetan Plateau[J]. Quaternary Sciences, 2021, 41(1): 111-122. doi: 10.11928/j.issn.1001-7410.2021.01.10

Application of quartz OSL standardized growth curve for De determination in loess on the eastern Tibetan Plateau

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  • The quartz OSL standardized growth curve(SGC) method has the potential to greatly save laboratory time in high-resolution dating for loess sequences. However, there is still controversial about its applicability on different temporal and spatial scales. In this study, we selected two typical loess sections at Maerkang(31°54'40.84″N, 102°11'44.34″E; 2666 m a.s.l.) and Zhouqü(33°46'44. 4″N, 104°23'56. 4″E; 2047 m a.s.l.) in the eastern Tibetan Plateau. The thicknesses of the two loess profiles are 5.1 m and 12 m, respectively. 5 OSL dating samples were collected from each location. The characteristics of quartz OSL growth curve were systematically analyzed to examine the applicability of the SGC method and least square normalized growth curve(LS-SGC) method for determining the equivalent dose(De) of quartz grains from the loess in the study region.

    Our results show that: (1)The quartz OSL signals of the loess at the eastern Tibetan Plateau are dominated by the fast component, which are suitable for De measurement by single aliquot regenerative dose(SAR) method. The growth curve shapes of different samples and different aliquots indicated that a common quartz OSL growth curve exists in the study region. The quartz growth curves of different samples from Zhouqü and Markang were consistent within 100 Gy, and distinct deviations in the SGC curves were observed over 100 Gy for different sections. The SGC fitting curves of Zhouqü, Markang and total samples showed different growing trends; (2)The comparison of the Des determined by SGC, LS-SGC and SAR protocol showed that the LS-SGC method could get better results than the SGC method, with smaller residual sum of squares and less errors. The Des obtained by the two methods for the same sample was in good agreement with the SAR De values. The De values obtained by the central age model and the minimum age model indicated that the Des determined by SGC, LS-SGC and SAR methods for each sample were consistent within the 10%error; (3)For all loess samples, the De determined by SGC and LS-SGC agreed well with the SAR De value within 0~100 Gy, and both methods can be used to estimate the equivalent dose. Beyond this range, there is a large deviation for SGC results. Whereas, LS-SGC method resulted in better De estimations than the SGC method for loess samples with 100~200 Gy.

    This study would not only facilitate the applications of quartz OSL dating of loess deposits and better investigating aeolian processes in the eastern Tibetan Plateau, but also deepen our understanding of quartz OSL SGC method.

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